When you see this girl that makes the hair at the back of your neck stand on end, when you can’t open your mouth to save your life and just fumble your words and find yourself smiling at everything she utters even when its, “Leave me alone.”

My brother you need a plan.

In the agency world, presentation with the aim of securing a project (the relationship) is prime. Therefore it is very important to hone this exercise. As the presenter (the suitor) one needs to inform, educate and most importantly engage with the client (the girl) you are pursuing.


‘Prepare for the worst but always hope for the best’. ‘The girl’ might be seated with her friends at a table in a café (the boardroom) having a drink. They could be college girls, while you’re in secondary (8 individuals of average age 65 years), or a mix of friends just out of a relationship (single parents/individuals undergoing a divorce), another might have just lost a friend (death in the family), a cheating boyfriend (an unfaithful spouse), one of ‘the girls’ friends also fancies you (vested interests) and the list of unforeseens is endless. All these factors play a role in the presentation and as the presenter (suitor) you must take them into consideration or at the least have a come-back to a curve ball, and they will come your way.

Some of the ways you (the suitor) can prepare for a presentation and ensure you go home with ‘the girl’ are…


This, might have been overused but its essence will never fade away because personalization will always be individualistic thus different from ‘girl’ to ‘girl’. The first step is to learn about her (your client) as much as possible, and I’m not talking about the company, it’s the individual(s). Their likes, dislikes, hobbies, are they married, do they have children, where did they school, etc. This might seem like a tall order but it’ll assist you to know the individual(s) you are presenting to, their mind set, which gifts to give, etc, which will lead to…


Yes, you did your background check, (who her friends are, where she hangs out, does she work, if so where,…) but some areas need further expounding – story-telling by the girl herself and her friends. So the next step is engaging with your audience, asking the right questions, let the board talk, feel free (you’re stating your case but it shouldn’t feel like it). This engagement could come in various forms; simple games, telling stories, a dance, competition etc. This helps you as the presenter (suitor) to further know your client (the girl) and the individuals (her friends) therein.

·        BE EMOTIVE

Emotions drive people to show their true selves, and in your quest to know this girl, she needs to be emotive. Elicit opinions rather than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers and as you go along with your presentations you will get a better reading of the needs of the girl (your client), rather than just knowing they want a new look or outfit (boost sales or re-brand).  

·        THERE’S NO BOX

Always be creative with your presentations, think as though the box did not exist. If possible, try and use real items as opposed to power point images (this is not to discredit them). Go for a presentation with a pet dog or parrot (the talking typeJ), change the location of the presentation once there, ask the members in the boardroom to follow you to the parking lot/a nearby café, hire a matatu for this purpose with hostesses in it, give a gift to all the single mothers in the room etc etc…THINK AS THOUGH THE BOX DOES NOT EXIST. 

The whole point of this is to make your presentation so memorable that the girlfriends (the board members) won’t have to think twice about letting you have a relationship (the project) with the girl.

We are in the business of perception, that’s what we sell, how will the masses view my brand, what opinion will they have of it even before they experience it fully, what will drive them to take that leap of faith.

You now have the tools, whether you leave with ‘the girl’ is totally up to you…